What is Post Hospital Support?

Post Hospital Support

Any in-home supports that you may need after you’ve been ill or in hospital. This may include nursing support, assistance with household tasks or gardening and assistance with community access.

Post Hospital Support at uCare iCare

For any in home support you may need after you have been ill or in hospital. We can support you and your family after a hospital visit and provide any specialist support you may need. This may include: specialist clinical care by a Registered Nurse, assistance with administering medication, treating wounds, personal care, shopping or meal preparation. Speak to us about preparing a care plan for your specific needs.


Is long-term assistance for a complex recovery available in this service?

uCare iCare delivers short term assistance for participants who have undergone a minor operation or a longer term of help for those who need a complex recovery.

Are caregivers from uCare iCare qualified to provide clinical support?

Yes. We possess a team of registered nurses who are trained, qualified and patient in providing specialist nursing support.

Is meal preparation available in this service?

Yes. Caregivers take up the responsibility of preparing healthy food for NDIS participants under the attentive care of Post Hospital Support.