NDIS Short Term Accommodation in Melbourne (STA)

What is STA NDIS?

Short Term Accommodation in Melbourne which used to be called “respite”, is support for when you need to have a short stay away from your home at another home and this is available for you or your carers.

Short Term Accommodation includes:

Personal Care
Any activities you and the provider agree to

STA can be used for up to a maximum of 28 days per year in your NDIS plan.

How does the NDIS fund STA?

Short Term Accommodation is funded under Core Supports – Assistance with Daily Life in your NDIS plan.

Am I eligible for funding for STA?

Eligibility for funding is assessed by the NDIS on a case-by-case basis and will be included in your plan if it is considered a reasonable and necessary support that meets your needs and will help you achieve your goals and is also dependent on your situation, plan objectives and aspirations.

STA at uCare iCare

There is no place like a uCare iCare home for a short term stay which gives you an opportunity to meet new people, try new things and opportunity to get some rest and relaxation whilst also allowing your carers to have a break from their caring role too.

You can stay for a day, overnight or for a weekend or longer, it’s up to you.

We have a number of activities that may interest you like going to a movie, going out for dinner, going to the beach or playing your favourite sport. We can let you know about local activities in your area as well that you may like to participate in.


Explore all of our home & living supports as well as our vacant homes here, ready for you or your loved ones to move in and receive care from us.

Our renovated 4-bedroom house can accommodate 3 individuals, with 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms (2 with an ensuite) ready for you or your loved ones in top conditions that exceed expectations.

Respite care is funded for up to 14 days. If you wish to receive care for a longer duration than that, uCare iCare provides a temporary housing solution of longer-term arrangements, you can get support under the Medium Term Accommodation (MTA) or the Supported Independent Living (SIL).

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a vital support system for Australians living with disabilities. Among the various services provided under the NDIS, Short Term Accommodation (STA) plays a crucial role in offering temporary respite for both participants and their carers. In Melbourne, STA options are abundant, catering to diverse needs and preferences.

What is Short Term Accommodation in Melbourne?

Short Term Accommodation, including respite, is support for participants needing temporary accommodation outside their usual home. This could be for a few days to several weeks. STA can be beneficial in various situations, such as giving carers a break, experiencing new environments, or transitioning between different living arrangements.

Benefits of NDIS Short Term Accommodation

Relief for Carers

Caring for someone with a disability can be demanding. STA provides essential relief for carers, allowing them to rest and recharge, ensuring they can continue providing high-quality care in the long term.

Social and Recreational Opportunities

STA offers participants the chance to engage in new social and recreational activities. This can significantly enhance their quality of life, promoting independence and social inclusion.

Skill Development

Many STA providers in Melbourne focus on skill development. Participants can learn new skills in a supportive environment, fostering greater independence and self-confidence.

Choosing the best STA in Melbourne

Assessing Your Needs

Before selecting an STA provider, it’s essential to assess your specific needs. Consider factors such as the level of care required, preferred location, and the types of activities or support you seek during your stay.

Types of Accommodation

Melbourne offers a variety of STA options, from fully supported residential facilities to more independent living arrangements. Some participants may prefer the comfort and familiarity of a home-like setting, while others may benefit from a more structured environment.

Quality of Care

Ensure the provider you choose has a good reputation for delivering high-quality care. Look for providers registered with the NDIS, as they are required to meet strict standards.

Introducing uCare iCare: Leading STA Provider in Melbourne

About uCare iCare

uCare iCare is one of Melbourne’s premier providers of NDIS Short Term Accommodation. They are dedicated to delivering personalised care and support tailored to each participant’s unique needs and preferences.

Services Offered by uCare iCare

uCare iCare provides a comprehensive range of services, ensuring participants receive the best possible care during their stay. Their offerings include:

– Personalised Care Plans: Each participant’s care plan is tailored to their specific needs, ensuring they receive appropriate support and enjoy their time away from home.
– 24/7 Support: uCare iCare offers round-the-clock support, ensuring participants are safe and well-cared for at all times.
– Skill Development Programs: Participants can engage in various programs designed to enhance their independence and daily living skills.
– Recreational Activities: A wide range of recreational activities are available, promoting social interaction and fun.

Why Choose uCare iCare?

Experienced and Compassionate Staff

The team at uCare iCare is experienced and compassionate, dedicated to providing high-quality care and support. They understand the unique challenges faced by individuals with disabilities and their families.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

uCare iCare’s facilities are modern and well-equipped, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable stay for all participants. The environments are designed to be safe and accessible, catering to various needs and preferences.

Positive Participant Feedback

uCare iCare has received glowing reviews from participants and their families, highlighting their commitment to exceptional care and support.

How to Access NDIS Short Term Accommodation

NDIS Plan and Funding

To access STA under the NDIS, it must be included in your NDIS plan. If you think you need short-term accommodation, discuss it with your NDIS planner or Local Area Coordinator (LAC) during your planning meeting. They can help you determine the level of support required and how it can be incorporated into your plan.

Finding the Right Provider

Once you have STA included in your NDIS plan, you can start looking for a suitable provider. Websites like the NDIS Provider Finder can be helpful, as well as seeking recommendations from your support network or LAC.

Booking Your Stay

After selecting a provider, contact them to discuss your needs and arrange a stay. Ensure you communicate any specific requirements or preferences to make your stay as comfortable and beneficial as possible.

Tips for a Successful STA Experience

Communicate Your Needs

Clear communication is key to a successful STA experience. Make sure your provider understands your needs, preferences, and any concerns you may have.

Stay Informed

Stay informed about your rights and the services you’re entitled to under the NDIS. This can help you make the most of your STA and ensure you receive the support you need.

Provide Feedback

Provide feedback to your provider about your experience. This can help them improve their services and ensure future stays are even better.


NDIS Short Term Accommodation in Melbourne offers invaluable support for participants and their carers, providing respite, new experiences, and opportunities for personal growth. Providers like uCare iCare are leading the way in delivering high-quality, personalised care, ensuring participants have a positive and enriching experience. By understanding your needs, choosing the right provider, and effectively communicating, you can make the most of your STA and enhance your overall quality of life.