What is Personal Care?

Personal Care

Social and Community Participation is about supporting you to participate in the community, do activities that you enjoy and meet new people.

Personal care is anything that’s done for you of a personal nature. This may include tasks relating to personal hygiene (bathing, showering, hair washing, oral hygiene, skin and nail care), dressing, toileting, continence management, catheter/stoma care and making your bed.

Personal Care at uCare iCare

Our Support workers can assist you with your personal care needs whilst maintain your privacy, dignity, and comfort. This may include: assistance with bathing, showering, personal hygiene, grooming, dressing, toileting and mobility support. If you would like assistance for an upcoming event, assistance once or twice a week, or if you would like us to visit every day, it’s completely up to you!


How many days of Personal Care support can I get from uCare iCare?

It is completely up to you on how many days you need our support when it comes to personal hygiene whilst maintaining your privacy and comfort.

Can I receive the Personal Care support out of my house?

Yes. Care givers will follow you to any of your upcoming appointments or events.

Can I get assistance with the administration of medicine?

Yes. We ensure you consume your medicine on time by providing supervision and prompting.