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NDIS Provider In The Northern Suburbs Of Melbourne

uCare iCare is providing the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) services in the Northern suburbs of Melbourne (North, North East, North West). It is a significant milestone for the local community with disabilities and their loved ones. Our commitment to serving a broader community is driven by our aspiration of a society where people with disabilities are perceived as equal contributors in their community and viewed as active citizens.

In addition, uCare iCare has extensive experience in connecting with communities. This allows us to work in partnership with the local community of the Northern suburbs of Melbourne without difficulty. As a matter of fact, our support staff are carefully selected from this area. Certainly, this ensures the NDIS participants transition into their NDIS plan easily. From there, you or your loved ones can receive top-notch tailored disability care and support. In short, all disability care services emphasise building your capacity of living an independent life.

Also, our focus on you and your strengths is what described us best. It is what makes us the most sought-after NDIS provider in the Northern suburbs of Melbourne. We envision a community where every individual with special needs is treated equally and embraces their abilities, not their disabilities. Furthermore, uCare iCare is keen to bring you or your loved ones high-quality services and support. We are here to break down your barriers. Expect only the best services when it comes to Support Coordinators or Workers, Household Tasks, Accommodation, Assisting in Travel or Transport, and Daily Personal Activities or Care.

Support Coordinators & Workers Of uCare iCare

uCare iCare works for people in need with the help of Support Coordinators and workers in the Northern suburbs of Melbourne (North, North East, North West). We bring you the Support Coordination services that support you to get the most out of your NDIS plan.

Subsequently, once you have become a part of uCare iCare, our devoted Support Workers will serve your needs according to your NDIS plan.

What Makes A Great Support Coordinator

Our experienced Support Coordinators have developed a great reputation in working alongside NDIS participants like you or your loved ones. In other words, they have extended experience in arranging the NDIS plan at uCare iCare. Firstly, we help you to understand the plan. By comprehending your needs we are able to connect you with the support you need. Therefore, you will work your way to live the life you choose alongside our attentive care. In fact, the Support Coordinators at uCare iCare help you to:

  • achieve your life goals
  • implement your NDIS plan
  • find the best support services
  • navigate your NDIS plan
  • arrange emotional support
  • develop and learn new skills
  • monitor the supports you need
  • feel in control of your supports
  • make decisions about your future

We maximise the necessary support according to your needs so you can get the most out of your plan. By connecting with us, you can transition into the NDIS without the hassle. Obtain help from our Support Coordinators who are:

1) Attentive 

First, the Support Coordinators at uCare iCare listen attentively to your needs. They create an effective communication or feedback loop. Hence, this ensures participants can easily request any adjustments in their support. Also, communication is the key to aiding our participants effectively without disappointment. Furthermore, our Support Coordinators with good communication skills engage with the NDIS frequently about your status. So, you will reap the benefits of your NDIS plan.

2) Flexible 

Let us know your short-term or long-term demands. Support Coordinators will put your needs first. We are flexible in giving the services you need and respect your decisions that transform your life significantly. Moreover, we are compliant in meeting your needs. You can avoid the hassle of changing the original arrangement. Besides, we bring you the Support Coordination service that respects your privacy as well.

3) Knowledgeable 

A good Support Coordinator will help you to distinguish your life goals and encourage you to accomplish them. Thus we are outcome-focused and hardworking to ensure you achieve what you set for yourself. Moreover, the Support Coordinators in uCare iCare are experienced with your disabilities. They know which supports or services are necessary for you. This will ensure NDIS participants like you will feel confident and happy to be part of us.

Differences Between Support Coordinator & Plan Manager

The fundamental dissimilarity between a Plan Manager and a Support Coordinator is that a Plan Manager assists you with the financial aspect of your NDIS plan, and on the other hand, a Support Coordinator helps you to manage the support you need.

Plan Manager Support Coordinator
Help you to choose the right service provider according to your needs Discuss with the Plan Manager to allocate funds
Receive invoices from your service provider & pay them for their services Arrange assessments & NDIS plan review
Track your supports & budgets Work out & organize your budget
Claim funds through the NDIS portal Connect you with mainstream and community services
Handle your financial reporting for plan review & audits Resolve complaints, problems & issues

Qualified & Dedicated Support Workers

A caregiver bring NDIS participant out for activities

At uCare iCare, we want to ensure you get the right and good services. By receiving the most suitable services will bring beneficial changes to your life. Our quality support workers or caregivers are committed to bringing our NDIS participants equal motivation. In addition, we serve you with consistent high-quality care tailored to your medical or emotional need.

Enthusiastic Support Workers in uCare iCare support you amid activities that you would love to be a part of. Through community participants, your independence and happiness are boosted. They will help you with things like:

  • Household tasks
  • Going out and about in the community
  • Daily personal activities
  • Housing options
  • Meal preparations
  • Travel & transportation support

Want to achieve your life goals and build your capacity for independence? Here are some of the qualities to expect from your Support Worker in uCare iCare:

  • Professional
  • Patient
  • Believe in your capacity for independence
  • Knowledge about your disabilities
  • Skills & experience to suit your needs
  • Good listening & communication skills
  • Capability to assist you if things don’t go to plan
  • A Working with Children Card (if relevant)
  • An up-to-date First Aid Certificate
  • The latest National Police Clearance
  • An up-to-date Australian Drivers Licence

Let Us Help You With Your Household Tasks

An NDIS support worker helps in managing Household Tasks

Household tasks can be extremely challenging for people with disabilities, and in some cases, impossible. uCare iCare will sit down with you and build a regular cleaning plan together. We clean your home on a regular basis in the Northern suburbs of Melbourne (North, North East, North West). Update us if you wish to get help with other home maintenance requirements as well.

Our team members will handle the tedious domestic tasks so that you will have more time for yourself. Take this spare time to pursue hobbies, be involved in activities, and enhance your independent lifestyle. Relax in your well-maintained a clean home as we will undertake tasks such as:

  • Cleaning stoves tops
  • Wiping down benchtops
  • Vacuuming or mopping floors
  • Dishwashing
  • Changing bed linen
  • Cleaning and Laundry
  • Coordinating meal prep and food delivery
  • Gardening

In addition, support workers from uCare iCare will step in to handle gardening services for you. It includes mowing lawns, tidying up weeds, cutting hedges, or planting. In fact, participants can get involved in these activities with us, and we can support you to enhance your independence. Thus, a clean and safe living environment can make your quality time spent at home an enjoyable one.

Before Hiring A Cleaner Or Gardener

If you are ready to hire a cleaner or gardener, you should undergo a discussion with them to avoid miscommunication. Conversation with them will ensure your experience with this service is as smooth as possible. The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) uses an hourly-rate system for household tasks services. NDIS will not pay for any amounts outside of the particular hourly rate. Prior to the cleaning services, make sure that the invoice from them is correct for the upcoming household tasks.

Furthermore, it is a good idea to establish a service agreement with the cleaner or gardener. You or your family members can prepare a simple written agreement. And in it, you can state what services will be delivered, why it is delivered and at what price. This physical agreement will protect you from any misunderstandings or miscommunication about the services being provided by them.

Assistance With Travel & Transport

When it comes to getting out and about, such as attending your doctor appointments or travelling, our experienced team members at uCare iCare will accompany you in order to provide you with assistance if needed from the Northern suburbs of Melbourne (North, North East, North West), under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

It is more than just driving you to your appointment or another place in the community. At uCare iCare, we will take you back home safely once you are done for the day. Our vehicles support transport-related aids and equipment related to your disabilities. Though, it must be scheduled in advance and are booked on an ongoing basis. We provide you with scheduled-in-advance and convenient transportation to help you get to:

  • Local grocery stores & shopping centres
  • The doctor or other medical appointments
  • School or other educational institution
  • Workplace & office
  • Around your community

Tips & Advice On Travelling With A Disability

Among many other aspects for which people with disabilities require support, travelling is one of them. uCare iCare will make travelling safe for you, as we believe that your disabilities should not be a barrier that divides you from the joy of experiencing a new environment and a new perspective of life.

uCare iCare will shed some light on some essential travel tips when you visit the places you wish to explore. And with that, you can travel around the world with peace of mind knowing that you will be safe.

1) Plan & Research Beforehand 

The more planning you make before you depart, the more you will get out of your vacation. Throughout your holiday planning phase, it will be beneficial for your disabilities to find out about accessible accommodation or facilities. You can research any available healthcare services at travel destinations as well.

2) Arrange Your Flights

Book your flights in advance as some airlines have limited wheelchairs spaces on each flight. Given that different airlines have different policies about disability services, it is best for you to speak to the airline. Clarify your requirements or any extra charges before booking your tickets.

3) Medical Check-up

Before you leave for your vacation, it is always recommended that you book a medical assessment and visit a physician. The doctor will provide you with health guidance and essential instructions that you need the most. It is vital to follow the instructions from healthcare experts while travelling according to your disabilities.

4) Carry Extra Medication 

Always carry extra medicines in your medical kit as you might need to consume them anytime. This is because you may not find any pharmacies nearby when you need them. And maybe your prescribed medicines are unavailable in the medicine stores near you.

Your Daily Personal Activities & Care

There are two levels of personal support that a person with disabilities receives under NDIS. They are “Daily Personal Activities” and “High-Intensity Daily Personal Activities”.

Participants can now receive these services from uCare iCare in the Northern suburbs of Melbourne (North, North East, North West). We provide you or your loved ones with qualified and dedicated staff members. They are responsible for delivering the support needed tailoring to your challenges.

Daily Personal Activities & Care

uCare iCare serves you with Daily Personal Activities individualised support that assists you in your personal activities of daily living and living the life you choose. This support is flexible and customised according to your disabilities, choices, needs, goals, and outcomes.

With the help of our friendly and skilled professionals, your daily routine will be organized, achievable, and manageable. Rest assured that you can receive care in your own home or the community environment of your preference. Our Daily Personal Activities service includes but is not limited to:

  • Taking shower & bath
  • Personal hygiene
  • Grooming
  • Dressing
  • Moving around the house
  • Going to the toilet
  • Getting in and out of bed
  • Help with food intake

For some circumstances, the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) may decide to fund a higher level of personal care support if needed. In considering whether the service of High-Intensity Daily Personal Activities is needed by you, the NDIA will give consideration to:

  • whether you have higher care needs, such as seizure activity or respiratory support
  • your weight
  • your medical condition and medications
  • whether two people are required for transfers
  • whether there are behavioural concerns that require more intensive assistance

High-Intensity Daily Personal Activities & Care

Our caring and skilled professionals with specialised skills at uCare iCare can assist with High-Intensity Daily Personal Activities for people with disabilities who need extra care, complex support, early detection and timely medical assistance.

We step in to ensure that your routine is achievable and manageable. Our High-Intensity Daily Personal Activities service delivered according to your complex needs includes but is not limited to:

  • Bowel care
  • Enteral feeding
  • Tracheostomy care
  • Urinary catheters
  • Ventilation
  • Subcutaneous injection
  • High risk of seizure
  • Pressure care
  • Wound management
  • Mealtime preparation & delivery

UCIC Is Ready To Serve The Northern Suburbs Of Melbourne

Your NDIS goals are important for us at uCare iCare. We believe that your goals are what makes you live your dream life. Our support and services are provided in the Northern suburbs of Melbourne (North, North East, North West). Obtain assistance from services such as Support Coordinators or Workers, Household Tasks, Assisting in Travel or Transport, and Daily Personal Activities or Care. So, you and your loved ones are able to improve and enjoy a good lifestyle.

uCare iCare is participants’ ultimate choice when it comes to high-quality NDIS services. Our holistic services delivered under one roof are catered to your disabilities and needs. With the help of a plan manager, you are able to access service providers whilst getting help in the financial side of your NDIS arrangements. Therefore, If you have support coordination in your plan, we can connect you with the best community and activities.

So, what are you waiting for? Reach out now and leave us a message, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

We offer various services, from Complex Nursing Care to personal care, household tasks and community access.

uCare iCare delivers the highest quality community care services to enable all people to live a lifestyle of their choice.

We cater to 7 to 65 years old age groups for the supports below:
  • Community Nursing
  • Respite and Short-term accommodation
  • Supported Independent Living (SIL) and respite care (Accommodation located in Mill Park)
  • Personal Care Assistance
  • Domestic assistance
  • Community Participation
  • Support Workers
  • Travel and Transport
  • Cleaning and Gardening
  • Our staff speak English, Arabic, Assyrian, Somali, Mandarin, Farsi, Turkish, Spanish, Hindi, Punjabi, Nepalese, Portuguese.
uCare iCare is a Registered NDIS Provider and we offer all services listed below:
  • 0101 Accommodation/Tenancy
  • 0104 Assist Personal Activities High
  • 0106 Assist-Life Stage, Transition
  • 0107 Assist-Personal Activities
  • 0108 Assist-Travel/Transport
  • 0114 Community Nursing Care
  • 0115 Daily Tasks/Shared Living
  • 0116 Innov Community Participation
  • 0117 Development-Life Skills
  • 0120 Household Tasks
  • 0125 Participate Community
  • 0128 Therapeutic Supports
  • 0136 Group/Centre Activities
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