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NDIS Accommodation Supports To Achieve Your Goal

Living independently is what most people dream of, including people with disabilities. We at uCare iCare offer a home away from home – Short-Term Accommodation (STA) with Respite Care and Supported Independent Living (SIL) for people in need to live a great life. These services are offered in new, renovated, and fully-furnished properties or NDIS living support units in the Northern suburbs of Melbourne (North, North East, North West). We have created a harmonious temporary long-term living space for NDIS participants who want to take advantage of everything the Northern suburbs of Melbourne has to offer.

Our dedicated team works effortlessly around the clock to meet your needs so that your loved ones or caregivers will have the confidence to fully utilise their time away. While your caregivers are unable to be by your side, you are always welcome for our exceptional care in Short-Term Accommodation (STA) and Supported Independent Living (SIL). We are committed to providing you with well-equipped homes that match your needs and dedicated staff who would always encourage you to have an opportunity to live autonomously. Take this opportunity to meet new people, spend quality time in new life experiences and have fun.

At uCare iCare, participants who enjoyed the holistic STA services can help them in increasing their independence as they make the transition into Support Independent Living. We offer a modern and beautiful four-bedroom unit with a four-bathroom designed for 4 NDIS participants. Our cosy living support properties are built in a strategic location around a warm community, and we can’t wait to show you around.

Understanding STA & Respite Care

A caregiver and a man in a wheelchair taking a short break

Short-term Accommodation (STA) & Respite Care delivered by uCare iCare allows you or your loved ones to stay momentarily at a temporary living space if your primary caregiver is not available for a short period of time. This service allows you to experience what it is like to live independently before returning to your family home after your stay with us.

While having all of your disability support needs to be met by disability support professionals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Short-term Accommodation (STA) & Respite Care offers the chance for you or your loved ones to:

  • have a taste of what it feels like to live independently
  • increase your independence
  • meet new friends and expand your network
  • learn new knowledge or develop new skills
  • let your caregiver a short break from the caring role

1) How Does NDIS Funds Short-Term Accommodation (STA) & Respite Care

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) funds the Short-term Accommodation (STA) service under the Core Support Category – Assistance with Daily Living (Category 1).

Depending on the level of assistance required by you, your current living situation and your life goals, uCare iCare will arrange you or your loved ones a living space that suits your needs the most. In general, the more support your caregivers or informal support network provide, the more breaks they may need throughout their time with you. Thus, there will be more funding for your Short-term Accommodation (STA) service.

The NDIS will decide if this service is reasonable or necessary for you. This includes the amount of Short-term Accommodation funding you or your loved ones could get throughout the NDIS plan.

NDIS may fund Short-term Accommodation (STA) if:

  • informal support systems such as your family member can support you longer
  • you might not require as much STA support in the future
  • this service helps you maintain functional capacity
  • it helps you in enhancing your independence
  • the service allows you to engage in more activities

NDIS would not fund Short-term Accommodation (STA) if:

  • you need a longer-term accommodation
  • you wish to stay with us temporarily for other reasons such as waiting for the completion of your own home modifications

2) Short Term Accommodation VS Respite Care

The Short-term Accommodation (STA) service comes hand in hand with what uCare iCare delivered under the Respite service. Traditionally, Respite Care focused only on the break or rest the primary caregiver got as a result of your STA stay. The focus has now shifted in uCare iCare to how we can assist you or your loved ones with disabilities and how you will benefit from staying with us in your comfortable short-term accommodation.

Receiving this service will bring advantages for you as our qualified staff is always ready to serve your needs. Hence, your caregivers or family members will have peace of mind when they are not by your side.

What You Need To Know About SIL

Supported Independent Living (SIL) offered by uCare iCare will help you to achieve your life goals as we listen attentively to your needs and try our best to make it happen. We bring you or your loved ones a personal touch in your potential housing solutions that enable you to live as independently as possible and support your overall journey with us.

This service will inspire you to live your life on your terms over where you want to reside and what you choose to do. Supported Independent Living (SIL) is provided to you with 24/7 support while living in the community. With our help with your disabilities, uCare iCare breaks down the barrier and assists you to reach your goals, so you can live your best life. Participants who receive this service are able to:

  • make more own decisions
  • live more independently
  • live closer to workplace or office
  • meet new friends and expand your social circle
  • learn new knowledge or develop new skills

How Does The NDIS Fund Supported Independent Living (SIL)

Supported Independent Living (SIL) funding is given somewhat differently from other services in the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). The funding of this service will cover the cost of the support staff who provide this assistance in your shared house, such as helping you with personal care tasks or cooking your meals, but not the accommodation itself.

The amount of Supported Independent Living (SIL) funding provided by the NDIS is dependent on how much support and assistance you require. It is based on a quote from uCare iCare or any supporting documentation like an Occupational Therapist’s (OT) report. As you and your loved ones are exploring the housing goals, we will meet and understand your needs before connecting you with the most suitable SIL living support unit.

The NDIS will decide if this service is reasonable or necessary for you. They fund reasonable Supported Independent Living (SIL) supports according to your disability needs. Some of the things NDIS will consider when deciding if you can get the Supported Independent Living (SIL) service include:

  • current goals and situations
  • living goals
  • independent living skills
  • the supports you need to accomplish your living goals
  • your day to day support needs
  • the occupational therapy assessments and reports

Questions To Ask When You Choose An SIL Home

There are a lot of aspects to consider when it comes to moving into a new home. It is a big decision to make, as uCare iCare needs to ensure your future home does not only feel right to you but also includes everything you need to live comfortably. You are encouraged to ask questions about your potential living support unit and how it will contribute to your everyday life.

1) Questions to ask about housemates

  • Do staff encourage independence among the residents?
  • What activities do the residents enjoy daily?
  • The duration of group activities and me-time?
  • What is the atmosphere and ambience like in the house?
  • How many residents reside in the same unit?

2) Questions to ask about the house

  • What is the current condition of the house?
  • Is the living support unit conveniently located?
  • What does the outdoor space look like, and is it spacious enough to sit and relax?
  • Does the modified house suit my disability needs?
  • How many rooms and bathrooms per unit?
  • What are the items expected to supply by myself?
  • Is there any access to a vehicle?

3) Questions to ask about the support staff

  • What training or accreditations do the support staff have?
  • Does the staff stay overnight in the house to meet my care needs?
  • Are the support workers familiar with everyone’s preferences?

4) Question to ask about sealing the deal?

  • How much is my monthly rent?
  • Are there any other additional expenses?
  • How and when do I pay my rent?
  • Are there any house rules to obey?

Come & Live With uCare iCare

uCare iCare provides all NDIS participants with individual needs, including you, with high-quality Short-Term Accommodation (STA) with Respite Care and Supported Independent Living (SIL) in the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne (North, North East, North West). The living support units for both services are fully renovated and ready for you to move in. These properties come with wide hallways and doors for your convenience, designated for all levels of needs.

We provide person-centred support in a modern and modified four-bedroom, four-bathroom house, with an office for a support worker to stay overnight. uCare iCare looks into your possible housemates to match you with residents of similar ages and interests. This enables the development of friendships, and you are able to enjoy your stay with us more than ever. Your stay with us supports you in accessing the community with activities and discovering your true potential.

1) New & Renovated

The support living units of uCare iCare are renovated and thoughtfully designed for your ultimate comfortability. Every unit comes with high-speed internet and strong Wi-Fi connections, making your web browsing much easier. We pride ourselves on creating personal connections with our residents through our living support services in order to ensure everyone feels at home.

Your support system, such as family members or caregivers will be relieved with the reassurance from us, knowing that you are being supported in a private and enjoyable living environment by our dedicated team of qualified staff. You and your loved ones or caregivers are welcome to visit our properties to make sure that they are right for you.

2) Safe & Clean

uCare iCare prioritises your safety when you live with us. We encourage you to voice out your needs and feel less anxious about your day-to-day life with us. It is important that you feel both confident and aware of our qualified caring staff around you. Besides, our properties are within a highly-secured environment with 24/7 CCTV surveillance.

In addition, we step in to handle household tasks as we believe that these tasks will take up an ample amount of your time, as it can be used for more productive reasons, such as undergoing activities with other residents or pursuing your hobbies. A clean living environment will make your indoor life more comfortable and enjoyable.

3) Location & Convenience

The strategic location of our properties helps you go out and about without hassle. It saves your time to reach a particular destination on time, without the risk of being late. For example, you can attend your doctor’s appointment conveniently without the need for a long car ride. With just a 3-minute walking distance from our living support unit, you and your housemates can spend quality leisure time at a recreation park.

Furthermore, our skillful support staff is set up from around the local community, thus they can bring the neighbourhood knowledge to you. By living with us, you will have the opportunity to become a part of a close-knit community.

4) Services & Support

Our great staff in uCare iCare are striving to make sure you feel welcome and secure during your stay with us. The living support unit that you will stay in is attached to an office, where our support workers stay overnight so that they can serve you whenever you need.

Our entire team of staff members is highly trained and handles their responsibilities as a vocation instead of just a career. They are familiar with the conditions of each and every resident. The dedicated staff treats you or your loved ones with the respect that everyone deserves, ensuring our residents will feel at home day in and day out.

5) Leisure & Fun

uCare iCare encourages you to involve yourself in tailored community activities that suit your goals. You will get the chance to develop new skills and be able to have fun with other residents at the same time. Additionally, it is a great platform for you to build essential daily skills such as BBQ in the spacious backyard.

Moreover, besides fun outdoor activities such as group outings, outdoor sports and excursions, you and your housemate can experience joy and entertainment on the premises of the property. Enjoy media via our 65″ HD Smart TV with Apple Tv or play games with our PlayStation 4 console.

A Place To Call Home

uCare iCare is here for you.

Homes are designated spaces for you to feel comfortable, safe, and cared for. At uCare iCare, we strive to bring you a safe space based on your compatibility with other NDIS participants in the shared household, as well as your needs. We want to ensure that you have a positive experience whilst staying with us temporarily or long term.

uCare iCare hopes that this article will provide you and your loved ones with an in-depth insight on our NDIS home and living supports – Short-term Accommodation (STA) with Respite Care and Supported Independent Living (SIL).

If you need any guidance on this NDIS funding, kindly get in touch with us, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

We offer various services, from Complex Nursing Care to personal care, household tasks and community access. Our aim is to deliver the highest quality community care services to enable all people to live a lifestyle of their choice.

We cater to 7 to 65 years old age groups for the supports below:

  • Community Nursing
  • Respite and Short-term accommodation
  • Supported Independent Living (SIL) and respite care (Accommodation located in Mill Park)
  • Personal Care Assistance
  • Domestic assistance
  • Community Participation
  • Support Workers
  • Travel and Transport
  • Cleaning and Gardening
  • Our staff speak English, Arabic, Assyrian, Somali, Mandarin, Farsi, Turkish, Spanish, Hindi, Punjabi, Nepalese, Portuguese.

uCare iCare is a Registered NDIS Provider and we offer all services listed below:

  • 0101 Accommodation/Tenancy
  • 0104 Assist Personal Activities High
  • 0106 Assist-Life Stage, Transition
  • 0107 Assist-Personal Activities
  • 0108 Assist-Travel/Transport
  • 0114 Community Nursing Care
  • 0115 Daily Tasks/Shared Living
  • 0116 Innov Community Participation
  • 0117 Development-Life Skills
  • 0120 Household Tasks
  • 0125 Participate Community
  • 0128 Therapeutic Supports
  • 0136 Group/Centre Activities
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