A support worker is visiting home of a NDIS participant for household task

Journey to an Independent Life You Deserve with the NDIS

At uCare iCare, your wish is our command when it comes to flexible disability support that empowers every National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) participant in Victoria. As NDIS Registered Providers of choice in the Northern suburbs of Australia, we ensure individuals who apply for NDIS get the most out of their NDIS funding. Our dedicated team is here to take your integrated NDIS plan to new heights. We are keen on strengthening your capability to have an independent life in your community.

Potential participants prior to the NDIS registration choose the services according to their unique sets of disabilities needs and daily requirements. Those who are eligible for the NDIS are able to receive these high-quality services straight from their homes. Participants under our care have included some of the most sought-after services in their NDIS plan, which is Household Tasks and Gardening and Personal Care.

We bring every NDIS participant a well-maintained home and, at the same time, have more me-time to socialise actively in the community. Both of these home-based disability supports are funded under the ‘Assistance with Daily Life’ – ‘Core Supports’ in the NDIS plan.

Ms L’s Journey to Independent Living with uCare iCare & NDIS

We love to listen to the participants’ life stories under our disability support and NDIS funding. Learning what they have been through and where they are in their life right now motivates us. They inspired us to deliver consistent services that our participants adored.

uCare iCare is grateful to indulge in Ms L’s stories as an NDIS participant. Ms L has become the person he aspires to be with our flexible disability support. uCare iCare helps Ms L in managing Household Tasks and provides Personal Care. Let’s hear it from Ms L and immerse yourself in his inspiring transformation with uCare iCare.

*Remark: We disclose the story with consent and approval from Ms L. The name has been changed to protect the family’s privacy.

An NDIS support worker helps in managing Household Tasks

How It All Began

I think of myself as a “can-do” person. And yet, a stroke hit me out of nowhere when I worked as an art curator. This unfortunate event caused paralyzation on one side of my body (hemiplegia). I had a stroke that occurred in my left brain due to a clogged artery. It affected the mobility of the right side of my body as well as my verbal communication. And with that, I was bedridden most of the time, in desperate need of help in my daily life. I was a bachelor who lived alone in a rented room just right above a self-service laundromat. Thus, my temporary disability has made it impossible for me to walk up the steep staircase to home.

Moreover, I was incapable of basic household tasks and hygiene-wise personal care since I live alone. All of these unfortunate and out-of-the-blue circumstances have left me in a slump. I felt extremely overwhelmed with the transition at the same time. I remember I laid on the hospital cot, clouded with anxious thoughts. Thinking about the possibility of being homeless as I don’t have any close ones at the time. Lo and behold, the owner of the self-service laundromat and also my rented room swooped in to help. He has lent me a helping hand and sought help from uCare iCare to apply for NDIS.

Fate Has Brought Me to uCare iCare

I am grateful to the owner of the self-service laundromat, Mr A. He helped me tremendously in checking my NDIS eligibility and NDIS registration. Prior to becoming an NDIS participant, Mr A scouted some NDIS service providers nearby. I wish to receive disability support as a whole whilst maintaining the same freedom of choice as a normal person. And with that, fate has brought me to uCare iCare. Mr A and I learned about uCare iCare through word of mouth amid the community of Bundoora, Victoria. uCare iCare provides more than just Short Term Accommodation (STA) for my temporary stay to heal from my temporary disability. It also delivers high-quality disability support in the form of Household Tasks and Personal Care assistance.

In addition, uCare iCare arranged a support coordinator to simplify their comprehensive disability support and care services. Their support genuinely helps me get a hold of how my NDIS plan should look like. I learned how to get the most out of my NDIS funding as well. My interest peaked as I found out that uCare iCare is extremely supportive and flexible on their disability support. I was excited to reach the outcomes I wish to achieve.

Choosing uCare iCare might be one of the best decisions I have made in my entire life, truly. I might be biased, but I am totally in favour of their vision on human rights despite disabilities. Moreover, they strive to provide any possible chances for us to be our best selves no matter what. Their support team members are with me every step of the way throughout my NDIS journey. They make me feel comfortable with my transition from hospital to their Short Term Accommodation (STA). Besides connecting with a speech therapeutic service, I get to be in the disabled-friendly STA in a close-knit community. The caregivers are genuinely enthusiastic in helping me with what I needed the most – Household Tasks and Personal Care.

A support worker is serving food to a NDIS participant

Breaking The Barriers with uCare iCare & Art Heals

I am not going to pretend in any way that it was easy to learn how to live in other places. And to be honest, it was odd for me to have a break from my work as an art curator. Deep down I felt empty and unmotivated in life due to my deteriorated mental health and physical complications. I never felt so useless in my life as I lived autonomously since I was in boarding school. However, my passion for art never diminishes post-stroke. Well, I want to keep doing art even though I was half paralysed. I couldn’t be any happier after applying for NDIS when I found uCare iCare. The place provided by uCare iCare allows me to heal and do what I want when I want.

My friendly caregivers did more than just help me with Household Tasks and Personal Care. They go above and beyond by bringing over my art supplies and canvas. Even though I can’t draw like I am before, just looking at these art supplies has somehow motivated me as a whole. I felt more inspired and motivated in attending physio and speech therapy. Because in my mind, I was hoping that one day I can get back on track and pick up to express my creativity again. As cliché as it might sound, art heals, so does under the care of uCare iCare. After a few months of physio, I was able to pick up brushes and make colourful strokes that warm my heart from the comfort of my home. I even joined the local art and craft classes and made drawings with other NDIS participants.

Maintaining My Dignity & Independence

My ego has made me feel awfully uncomfortable talking about personal care topics, especially on general hygiene. It was hard for me to accept help at first. However, my personal carer tried his best to restore my dignity and independence. He explained the importance of maintaining general hygiene with casual conversations. This allows me to really be myself throughout the process.

Furthermore, my personal care support worker ensured I am comfortable with his assistance. This is mainly due to myself that might see some personal care processes as a daunting process at times. I get attentive support when it comes to bathing, going in and out of the toilet, grooming, changing, and so much more. His help and disability support makes me realise how valuable mobility is. I realise that I need to take care of my body more. Furthermore, I have had some issues with my bladder ever since boarding school, which causes me to frequent more often. I am truly grateful for my caregiver’s patience. He assisted me in and out of the washroom more than a normal person needs to without letting me feel embarrassed.

Everything Takes Time

Yes, everything takes time indeed! I’m glad that my caregivers are patient to guide me throughout my days and nights. They allowed me to maintain privacy and independence. In addition, they spent time with me and ensured my home was clean. It’s been a real-life changer for me to have support when it comes to general cleaning of the house, daily meal preparation, washing and ironing of my clothes and other household tasks. All of these domestic disability supports have benefited me tremendously as I’m allergic to dust that makes my nose go all itchy. Thus, a clean environment is one of the fundamental aspects for me to heal comfortably.

In addition, in order to meet my individual needs, they connect with me on a human level and ask about my requirements. I felt really comfortable voicing out my thoughts about participating in the community, and they let me! Since I am an extrovert, it feels so good that I am able to do all sorts of activities even in the wheelchair and meet other NDIS participants with the help of caregivers.

Live Independently & Continue to Do What I Love

After 6 months of receiving holistic disability support from uCare iCare, I am all healed up from my hemiplegia. Thanks to uCare iCare, I regained my confidence in life. Knowing that I was in good hands with uCare iCare, my time as an NDIS participant receiving NDIS funding has diminished my worries post-stroke. From living arrangements, household tasks and personal care, I was in good hands with uCare iCare. Having it amid my healing process has truly prepared me to overcome and take on anything that may come my way independently.

I am currently the head of art curators in an art gallery. It’s indeed a bright new beginning for me as well when I met my lovely fiancé. She is an art curator herself, and she is super supportive throughout my journey to a healthy lifestyle. We participate in annual body check-ups and stay aware of our health. This routine of us reduces the risk of another stroke attack. In addition, I am truly grateful to have her at my side during the self-isolating period for COVID-19 in our own home. Even though our wedding got pushed over, we are thankful for each other’s support, and at the same time, everyone around us is safe.

The Stepping Stone of an Independent Life You Deserve

With our priority in mind to provide disability support that enhances your greater independence, uCare iCare is prioritising your environment as well. We believe that living in a clean and orderly environment has direct significance towards your journey towards your life goals. Our Household Tasks and Personal Care Assistance funded by NDIS are game-changers for those who need a little bit of extra help with domestic chores and personal hygiene. In addition, these home-based and flexible disability support gives you the freedom to do things you are passionate about.

Individuals with NDIS eligibility and applying for NDIS in the Northern suburbs have full control of our approach in Household Tasks and Personal Care Assistance. We are ready to provide a safe haven where all things are taken care of for you, boosting both your physical and mental health like no other.

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