First Step of NDIS: How to Set Good Goals?

The possibilities are endless in setting NDIS goals with your trusted Registered NDIS Provider – uCare iCare. We visualize a unified community where everyone has the opportunity to achieve goals and dreams. Regardless of the type of disability or age, it is never too late to set life goals. Some might think that NDIS goal setting is rather a daunting process. But, conversely, this process is a fantastic opportunity for you to decide what works for you in your NDIS plan. Your NDIS goals are stepping stones needed to get where you wish to be and where you want to go.

In this article, we will be looking at what you need to know about NDIS goals as a whole. Moreover, we will discuss why it is essential to possess NDIS goals that complement your life. What’s more, you will venture through a real-life story and some practical tips in setting up NDIS goals.

What are NDIS Goals?

Your NDIS goals are what you wish to achieve as a result of receiving the right support through the NDIS. They are the foundation that your NDIS plan is built upon and the reason why every NDIS participant’s journey is so unique. In addition, person-centred practices in uCare iCare are all about empowering people with disabilities with high-quality NDIS services. Therefore, we are here to put together a roadmap and ensure your NDIS goals are precise in your NDIS plan.

An NDIS goal can be in both the short-term and long-term. Uncovering and differentiating them allows you to focus your attention at the moment. It can be as straightforward as finding a job or living independently with housemates. Spending time to decide what you want to pursue can ensure that your NDIS plan is working for you. uCare iCare is keen on bridging the gap between you and your NDIS funding that supports your needs. Our high-quality disability care services are ready for your desire in breaking any disability-specific barriers.

The Importance of NDIS Goals

Keep walking the walk, one step at a time. Be mindful about achieving your NDIS goals at your own pace and on your terms. Goal setting is all about how far you wish to pursue with the help of an NDIS plan. It is vital to have a clear vision alongside NDIS funding that adds value throughout your journey. Here’s why:

a) Discover the Things that are Important to You

Through goal settings, you are able to know yourself more in the aspects of what you think is important in your life. Together, we will discuss your daily life and listen to your stories attentively. Then, with a specific goal in mind, you will prioritize and work towards it. Leverage the power of progression and keep the momentum going towards the goals you wish to achieve.

b) Find out Your Fortes & Strengths

With a list of NDIS goals at hand, you can learn about your strengths and how you can utilize them in your daily lives. Knowing what you do best in any aspect allows you to apply your strengths to other elements as well. New encounters come with additional motivation. The extra driving force will push you to try different things alongside your fortes, thus, building your independence.

c) The Stepping Stones of Your NDIS Plan

Your goals are the fundamental elements in developing an NDIS plan tailored to your disability needs. Obtain the exact NDIS support that empowers your goals, dreams and life. Once you have identified your NDIS goals, they will fall under respective NDIS categories. Get categorized under the right support, ranging from Improved Daily Living Skills, Improved Health and Wellbeing, and so much more, depending on your disability needs.

Bring My Goals to Life through NDIS Plan

*Remark: We disclose the story with consent and approval from Mr A. The name has been changed to protect his privacy.

We are excited to introduce our readers to an NDIS participant under our care named Mr A in this segment. His NDIS journey with uCare iCare is definitely a fruitful one. Articulate and forthright, Mr A is a volunteer motivational speaker and a passionate activist for the socially-excluded disabled. He works diligently in making this world a better place for people with disabilities. Mr A brings people together and gives them the right push through his inspirational words. So, let’s dive deeper into the goal-setting journey that brings him uCare iCare in the first place.

I am Unique Man with Cerebral Palsy

I see what others view as a weakness as an opportunity to become a better person. Moreover, I always believe that I am a unique person, and the same goes for my life journey born with cerebral palsy. And with my deep understanding of disabled people who are often neglected by the crowds has brought me my current endeavours. I am currently a passionate activist for the socially-excluded disabled. Likewise, I am a volunteer motivational speaker who leverages the power of conversations that makes people feel they belong.

But here I was at 34 years old, still living with my mother, who was constantly worried about me. At times, I feel that she needs me more than I need her, in a good way. However, no matter how strong my desire to move out was, there’s always something that holds me back. If truth be told, I was afraid that my mom would be lonely without me at home. Having the opportunity to live autonomously is a fundamental human right, in my opinion. Nonetheless, it is a luxury I cannot afford at the moment.

Finding Ways to Achieve My Dreams

My hope to be in a relationship one day pushes me forward towards my goals. This is because I think that it would be awkward for my future partner if I were still living with my mom. So I’ve been working on this goal in the long run – to live independently in a shared home.

In the course of searching for a Registered NDIS Provider, I came across uCare iCare. Faith has brought me to it, and I see this as an opportunity of a lifetime. I found out that they design their disability care and support services in close consultation with participants’ NDIS goals. uCare iCare recognises that everyone is unique. And as luck would have it, their core value is deeply aligned to how I see myself in life. Most importantly, uCare iCare offers a home away from home. Their NDIS Accommodation Supports include Supported Independent Living (SIL) allows me to live on my terms.

I sat down with mom and discussed my decision to achieve my goal of living independently. Surprisingly, my lovely mom supported my choices and encouraged me to reach out to uCare iCare. “If not now, then when,” she said. My fear was all in my head all along, afraid of leaving mom all alone. Furthermore, she reassured me that she would start joining community activities and mom groups aligned with what I am currently doing. She wants to join forces with me and become an advocate for the socially-excluded disabled.

Building an NDIS Plan according to My NDIS Goals

I want to receive the right NDIS services from uCare iCare that support my goals. During my goal-setting process with uCare iCare, I voiced out the needs and goals I want to pursue. I never felt so understood and listened to until I met uCare iCare. They explain their available services and how they can empower my NDIS journey. Moreover, it is best to prep a little beforehand and here’s how I did it:

  1. I think about the most important things for me now and in the near future. I want to:
    • live independently in a shared and safe home located in Victoria.
    • make new friends and connect with people in the community.
    • improve how I present myself in front of others.
  2. Then, I write out my NDIS goals. My goals are:
    • increase my independence and capabilities to live life my own way.
    • boost my network and social circle with like-minded people, and eventually, find myself a life partner.
    • improve my ability to speak clearly and become a motivational speaker.
  3. Thus, I need help from uCare iCare which provides these services alongside NDIS funding:
    • Supported Independent Living (SIL) service that brings me a safe space to grow and assist with daily tasks I need help with the most.
    • Social & Community Participant service that supports me in participating in the community and meeting new people.
    • Therapeutic Support service that enhances my communication capability via Speech Therapy.

What I’ve Learnt throughout My NDIS Journey 

My goal-setting journey begins with my fear. My fear of leaving my mom and stepping out of my comfort zone. In my opinion, I feel that the thing that scares us most is a sign for us to make it our goal and achieve it wholeheartedly. My fear of not wanting to achieve it makes me much more eager to step my feet over. I want to break the barriers to seek what my NDIS journey lies ahead. Everyone’s journey and life goals are unique on their own. I hope that my stories will give readers the confidence to uncover individual and personal NDIS goals that make life whole.

What Do You Need to Know about Setting Up Good NDIS Goals?

The goals you wish to achieve play a significant role in determining how NDIS distributes your funding. They determine what lies ahead in your NDIS plan that enhances your lifestyle. In this section, we will look at what makes a good NDIS goal and how many of them you can have. Furthermore, you will learn about what it is like to have a goal-setting session with an NDIS Plan Management Provider.

What Makes a Good NDIS Goal?

Firstly, let us delve into the rudimentary characteristics that shape good NDIS goals.

  1. Personal: The best NDIS goals are those that align with who you aspire to become. Make it as personal as possible. This is because your goal has the power to keep your momentum going. For example, “to become an art curator like my creative dad” or “to visit my little sister who lives interstate without hassle” are some very good personal goals.
  2. Focus on the Outcome: Rather than thinking about how to achieve your goals, try to focus on the outcome you wish to gain with the support from NDIS. For example, “to improve my ability to speak” is a more outcome-focused goal than “to have speech therapy”.
  3. Flexibility: The more general your goals are, the more flexible you can be when it comes to utilising the NDIS funding. For example, “to express myself through creativity” allows for more flexibility than “to learn painting”
  4. Areas to Improve in: Reflect on what area of your life you wish to improve in relation to your disability. For example, “to improve my health & fitness” or “to improve how I present myself in front of others”.
  5. Capacity building: A good goal can also uncover your true potential. This ensures you will be less reliant on others and have more me-time spent in the community. For example, “to gain more independence,” build your capacity in managing your daily lives.

How Many NDIS Goals Can You Have?

At uCare iCare, we think that it really depends on each person how many goals one can possess. But, by and large, 2 to 3 short-term goals and 2 to 3 medium or long-term goals are optimum. Short-term goals are those that you wish to achieve in 12 months. This one-year duration is also the period of most NDIS plans. On the other hand, a medium-term goal extends about 2 to 3 years of your life. And lastly, you will take 3 or more years of time to achieve a long-term goal.

Setting up a plan for your goals can be a great exercise. It helps you focus on things you prioritise and how to see yourself in the coming years. In addition, jotting your NDIS goals down is an excellent way for you to keep track of any progression. And as time passes, this list will further strengthen your decision in choosing the right disability support in uCare iCare.

Goals Setting with an NDIS Plan Management Provider

Should you face any challenges in setting up your NDIS goal and plan, uCare iCare has a solution for you. Talk to a registered NDIS plan management provider and get their support through your NDIS journey. They are keen to assist you in getting the most out of your NDIS plan. They are experts in:

  1. Discovering your disability needs and goals you want to achieve through NDIS.
  2. Supporting you before, during and after your initial and other NDIA meetings.
  3. Assisting you to implement your NDIS plan and connecting you with the right support.
  4. Monitoring your progression towards your goals.
  5. Helping you with the financial aspects of your NDIS plan.

Life Well Lived with uCare iCare

On the whole, avoid pressuring yourself from setting NDIS goals based on others’ expectations. You matter the most in your own journey. Think about what matters in your life and set goals that reflect your priorities.

At uCare iCare, you are entitled to access all of our disability care and support services. Our quality services are flexible and adaptable enough to work around your needs. The National Disability Insurance Scheme is here to benefit you and sustain your goal-achieving journey. So be the person you aspire to be alongside uCare iCare by getting exactly what you want to reach NDIS goals.

Your dream life starts with a conversation with uCare iCare. Click here to find out more. Our friendly support team is looking forward to connecting with you soon.

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