Why Community Participation is Important in Your NDIS Plan

Participation in community activities is a fundamental part of all humans’ lives. As a Registered NDIS Provider in Victoria, uCare iCare visions an integrated community where everyone, including people with disabilities, has the right to experience everything the society has to offer. We ensure NDIS participants can go for the community participation activities that bring them sparks in life. We understand the challenges you face at times to go out and about with a disability. This is why uCare iCare assembles a team of qualified support workers who challenge you to get your social life back on track despite disabilities. What’s more, learning a new skill via this service can really pay off in the long run.

Furthermore, we focus on your strength and are keen on helping you achieve independence and life goals via Social and Community Participation services. Be a part of our wide array of community access that promotes freedom. It is entirely up to you regarding how you wish to receive this holistic service. You can expect an outcome of you enjoying life beyond four walls alongside a tailored NDIS plan. There is no better time than now to experience what the close-knit community of Victoria has to offer. So without further ado, let us look at how our Social and Community Participation service keeps you connected to your community.

Facts & Figures 

According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, around 1 in 6 people in Australia has a disability. uCare iCare is grateful to have a team of professional yet friendly support workers to lend a helping hand to people in need. What’s more, we provide NDIS services such as Social and Community Participation that offer a passage for participants to cope with their challenges due to disabilities. Apart from hardships in life at large, 52.2% of Australians with disabilities are unemployed. This service comes in handy for those who wish to discover passion in life and make something out of it to sustain life.

What is Social and Community Participation?

In general, the Social and Community Participation service empowers NDIS participants to engage with social activities and capacity building supports. This NDIS service allows you or your family to access the community, which in return, benefits your overall wellbeing. It bridges the gap between you and your life goals. uCare iCare gives you the right push so you can step out of your comfort zone and access community participation activities independently.

We encourage you and your loved ones to think creatively about the activities that align with life goals. In that case, uCare iCare will try to make your out-of-the-box community activities possible. Moreover, we will help you find the right match when hiring a support worker that makes your NDIS journey a comfortable one.

Depending on your lifestyle, you can allocate our Social and Community Participation service once, twice, or several times a week. We want you to gain rewarding benefits from participating in community activities at your own pace. Hence, you or your family will own a participatory yet balanced life.

Example of activities in Social and Community Participation

So, what can Social and Community Participation look like in your NDIS plan? Well, it all depends on your needs to achieve the goals you have in mind. There is nothing more important than your to-do list at uCare iCare. Considering that, we want to ensure you get the most out of your everyday life. The possibilities are endless when it comes to NDIS social activities that you can take part in. The example of community participation activities include:

Sports Activities
  • Join a sporting club
  • Experience local sports events
  • Involve in sports that involve small or big groups of people
  • Engage in sports that promote mindfulness, such as yoga
  • Participate in water-based sports swimming pools and water parks
Classes, Training & Workshops
  • Involve in arts & crafts workshops
  • Join singing & dancing classes
  • Take part in cooking classes
  • Undergo training sessions on taking public transportation
  • Partake in group meditation
Entertainment & Exhibition
  • Enjoy movies in theatres
  • Attend concerts
  • Watch plays & performance
  • Visit local expos, events, festivals & shows of any kind
Personal Development
  • Join personal development courses
  • Attend medical & personal appointments
  • Meet up with loved ones such as family & friends
  • Go to school or other educational institutions
  • Learning how to use social media platforms
Leisure Activities
  • Take a trip or a holiday
  • Go on a camp
  • Visit local markets of any kind
  • Shop in local malls
  • Spend time in local parks
  • Plan a short trip to the nearest beach
  • Drop by the local library
  • Explore galleries & museums of any kind
  • Join social groups & sharing sessions
  • Visit cafés and other eateries
  • Experience fishing and other marine activities


What is not covered by the NDIS?

In general, NDIS participants cannot use NDIS funding to pay for

  • Cost of classes, training & workshops
  • Ticket or entry fees for you, the person who accompany you, and your support worker
  • Food or beverages expenses while you are attending activities
  • Cost of equipment costs not related to your disability

However, suppose the cost of certain activities are necessary and closely connected to your NDIS goals, you may have the opportunity to use NDIS funding to pay for the associated social activities.

How to Access Social and Community Participation?

Include the Social and Community Participation service into your NDIS plan and achieve social and self-development through these categories:

Assistance with Social and Community Participation

Assistance with Social and Community Participation under Core Support funding allows participation in community activities related to participants’ NDIS goals. You can spend quality time and enjoy leisure moments with yourself or friends alongside a support worker through this category.

Increased Social and Community Participation

Increased Social and Community Participation under Capacity Building funding allows participation in skills-based learning to enhance capabilities to engage with the community. You can cultivate fundamental skill sets to go out and about safely whilst securing a job if needed through this category.

The Benefits of Social and Community Participation

We can all agree on the fact that social life plays a vital part in sustaining our overall well being. Taking the first step to participate in community activities with a disability does not take away the benefits it brings to all.

uCare iCare provides a non-segregated platform for NDIS participants to involve in activities confidently. So brush up your skills, visit eye-opening galleries or relax on a beach with us. What’s more, you get to have a support worker or caregiver around so you can have a hassle-free day. Continue reading to discover the benefits of Social and Community Participation service from uCare iCare.

Develop Independence, Confidence & Positive Outlook in Life

Expect a sense of achievement as you progress towards your NDIS goals through Social and Community Participation service. Your progression in capabilities will bring you a more positive outlook on life. With an increase in day-to-day capabilities despite disabilities, your confidence piles up as you grow to become the person you aspire to be. So step out beyond four walls and partake in activities that inspire you.

Identify Areas of Interests & Inner Potential

With your sprouting confidence, it motivates you to try out more activities that you thought of doing or neglected. Once you participate in certain activities, you will have the potential to go to one independently without a support worker. Apart from promoting independence, you or your loved ones get to identify both likes and dislikes in NDIS social activities. Find out what interests you and understand your strength in certain aspects with uCare iCare.

Strengthen Bonds with New Friends & Social Skills

Simply heading out for leisure outings or skill-building activities opens up the possibility for you to meet new people. Being yourself and connecting heart-to-heart with people involved in the activities will lead to memorable days with them. In return, you can develop your social skills and social networks. In addition, the bonds you cultivate between like-minded mates will bring a mutual support system into the community.

Learn while Having Fun through Multiple Activities

Your participation in different community activities determines your daily living skills that align with your goals. uCare iCare offers a wide array of NDIS social activities, classes and workshops that boost social and life skills. You can make new friends who share similar interests and learn together as a team, killing two birds with one stone. Moreover, feel a sense of belonging when you are part of something bigger and understands you.

Cultivate New Skill Sets that Open Up New Job Opportunities 

Unlock your true potential with uCare iCare amid the disability workforce. When you find your passion via community activities and wish to make a living out of it, we are with you as always. Our support workers will provide you with the fundamental work ethics and skills via community participation activities, accelerating your journey towards making an income. Secure a job that gives purpose to you in life and enjoy the sense of contribution amid the community.


Break Stereotypes & Become Part of the Community 

Your participation in NDIS social and community activities reflect the diversity of a community. When you engage with people more actively, it breaks down the untrue stereotypes of disabilities one way or another. The community will come together to build a more inclusive society, where people of all abilities will work together as one. In addition, you will become someone that disabled people look up to as you live life independently.

Obtain A Better Physical & Mental Health 

Reduce isolation and the risk for mental disorders when you engage in the community. Be active in any way you want when you get support from Social and Community Participation. Not only do they improve your social life, but the community activities will also improve your bodily and mental health as well. Getting out and about under the sun allows you to sweat the stress out. Moreover, it is easier to speak about challenges and share the burden with friends.

Everything is Possible Here at uCare iCare

uCare iCare encourages you to get creative when mapping out your NDIS goals. Whilst setting up your NDIS plan alongside our Social and Community Participation service, draft out what you need to experience in the coming future. As long as the activities are aligned with what you wish to achieve in your lifetime, uCare iCare will try our best to make them happen for you. In point of fact, we place your needs to achieve NDIS goals first and foremost. Thus you can have peace of mind knowing that you can enjoy the activities, classes and workshops wholeheartedly.

One of our NDIS participants named Ms H took her own creative spin when setting up an NDIS plan. uCare iCare has successfully helped her bring her dream to life and keep her plans going to this day. She receives an assemblage of NDIS services that support her when needed. Living with an inability to move lower parts of the body post-accident, Ms H is wheelchair-bound before meeting us.

A Thrilling Milestone

As a thrill-seeker herself, one of the activities she plans under our Social and Community Participation service that catches our attention the most is Bungee jumping. Her life before the accident is already an active and exciting one as she is a tour guide herself. uCare iCare looks into all the venue options available for this thrilling activity, and we have found the one.
Our support worker accompanied Ms H to the Bungee jumping spot that offers adventure sports for people with disabilities. And yes, she did it! It is indeed a milestone for her, and she looks forward to the pottery class she booked next week. Though it is more of a chill activity than Bungee jumping, she is excited to meet new people who wish to express creativity through moulding clay.

We are so proud of her achievement and how our team managed to set this up for her. uCare iCare urges everyone to go for what sparks joy in life and do something that leaves a mark in life. Because we believe everyone can do it.

*Remark: We disclose the story with consent and approval from Ms H. The name has been changed to protect the family’s privacy.

We Connect You With The Experiences That You Desire

Eager to achieve life goals but feeling demotivated? uCare iCare ensures you find inspiration in life via our Social and Community Participation service. With the courage you cultivated alongside our support worker, you can step out of your comfort zone at your own pace. Be a part of something that you feel is your best self to cultivate a range of new skills and friendships that make life whole. 

We hope that our line-up of benefits in community participation brings you the confidence to reach out to us. So get in touch with uCare iCare. We will talk you through all things NDIS and the Social and Community Participation service. Rest assured that you will be in good hands with our expertise in every kind of disability care and support alongside NDIS Victoria.

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