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A Day in The Life of a Community Nurse at uCare iCare

As one of the most trusted Registered Providers of NDIS in the Northern suburbs, uCare iCare empowers participants through positivity. It allows people under our care to discover their true potential whilst living the life they choose in Victoria. Hence, uCare iCare possesses a team of experienced and friendly nurses for people in need of NDIS community nurse service. Our attentive nurses offer a wide range of individualised NDIS Home Care or Home Nursing services 24/7.

Community Nursing Care funded by NDIS is provided by qualified nurses (RN or EEN) who support you at the comfort of your own home. It is a home-based nursing care service in Victoria provided by uCare iCare. Community Nursing Care comprises a whole range of support funded under Capacity Building Supports – Improved Daily Living in your NDIS plan. It is more than just helping NDIS participants to transition from hospitals to homes. We provide Home Nursing services that tend to specific needs or temporary health difficulties.

Life as a Community Nurse at uCare iCare

In this section, we are excited to introduce our readers to one of our in-house Community Nurses named Olivia. She offers extensive experience and hands-on expertise on NDIS Home Care and Home Nursing Services. Olivia delivers all forms of nursing care supports within a place you call home. This allows you and your loved ones a sense of assurance. Participants who are under her care and funded by the NDIS will have peace of mind. NDIS participants will know that they can rely on her professionals’ attention. Hear first-hand stories from Olivia at uCare iCare as she walks us through her typical day as a Community Nurse.

It’s My Calling 

I have always been fascinated to see both of my parents involved themselves in the line of health services. Their duties in healthcare gave them a tremendous amount of career satisfaction. I kicked off my nursing career at a hospital in Indonesia back in the 90s. And at the same time, I worked with people from different backgrounds and cultures. Even though I served in a working environment with a team of different ethnicities, everyone in the nursing team upholds the same ideology – supporting patients with nursing care in their medical journey. Most importantly, I have learnt the significance of teamwork. I witnessed how working together as a team can bring outcomes quite easily in an organisation. With an embedded mindset vividly in my mind, I carry this value wherever I work as a nurse of any kind.

The Beginning of a Fulfilling Job at uCare iCare

Fast forward to the day I went back to my hometown Kew, Victoria. I took care of my parents, life happens in the name of love. And now, I have a lovely family of my own that supports each other. Both of my sons have grown up and off to college two years ago. Then, I have decided to continue pursuing my passion for nursing care. I was scouting for a job and I stumbled upon uCare iCare. I was fortunate to go straight into this job after an interview session with them.

One of the reasons why I am drawn to uCare iCare is its wholesome vision of becoming a person-centred NDIS provider. They strive to put all NDIS participants’ needs as the priority. Their core values that circulate throughout the organisation are aligned with what I have had in mind since my first job. I feel connected with what it has to offer when it comes to its NDIS Home Care or Nursing services.

Kicking Off My Day with a Cup of Coffee

My typical day as a community nurse and mom begins with a cup of hot coffee. Since both of my sons are off to college, there is less work for me when the sun’s up. I prepare breakfast for two and read the papers with my husband daily. I then get ready for the day and head over to patients’ houses. The day before, I called to confirm the visit windows for the Home Nursing service. Subsequently, I gather the necessary supplies and paperwork regarding my patients-of-the-day before departing.

How Does My Typical Day Look Like?

In general, I visit two to three participants on a daily basis. I leave my house around 8:30 AM and reach the first NDIS participant’s house around 9:00 AM. Once I am in the patients’ houses, I ask about their days like friend-to-friend. We talk about how they are feeling at the moment whilst going over yesterday’s notes. It is vital to look into his or her current conditions in order to decide how to support them at the moment or in the new future. Throughout every visit, basic check-ups such as blood pressure monitoring are essential. I ensure the participants will take their medicine on time and pray for their speedy recovery.

With significant control over my own schedule and timing, I allocate roughly three hours for each patient. I arrange all of my visits according to the distance from my house alongside the severity of their condition. I love it when my plan brings efficiency and productivity throughout my day. This ensures the NDIS participants get the most out of what I can offer punctually. However, if something unexpected has come up or additional assistance is required, I will be the first to respond. I wish to diminish the anxious feeling among the uCare iCare participants. For those who are under my nursing care when they are in crucial need of help out of the blue – rest assured, I’ll be there.

A Balanced Meal that Keeps My Mid-Day Going

By now, it is about 12:00 PM. Time to have some lunch after finishing up with the first participants who receive Home Nursing service under NDIS funding. A balanced diet is essential for my daily routine. This habit gives me alertness in the course of providing nursing care. On the other hand, I can easily access restaurants in Mill Park that serve healthy options for lunch.

Furthermore, if I visit the next patient at their lunch hour, I will advise them with what they should have as meals if they asked for nutrition assistance. When it comes to uCare iCare participants with diabetes, I ensure what they consume is suitable for their blood glucose levels. At the same time, for medicine that needs to be consumed with food by patients, I will prepare the pills neatly in a pill taker’s cup for their convenience. At that juncture, I will repeat the essential check-ups for them and provide tailored care according to their nursing needs.

The Other Side of a Community Nurse Before Clocking Off

Home Nursing service is more than just providing individualised nursing care for people in need. As a community nurse of NDIS Home Care, there are other duties towards the end of my shift. Before I hop over to the next patient’s house, I jot down important notes for tomorrow’s visit. I do the same thing before I clock off and head home as well. This written handover is vital for other uCare iCare’s caregivers who will visit the house to provide other services.

All of my patients’ paperwork, such as their fluid balances, blood pressure, continence assessment and other related care plans are recorded. It is a must to keep track of their progress and ensure that their current conditions are not deteriorating. In addition, I make sure that all medications, fluids, catheter bags and other medical aids are up-to-date. I want these medical aids ready for the family or nurse in the next shift.

uCare iCare Empowers My Nursing Journey

Besides updating the essential paperwork, I love to go the extra mile in providing advice to participants funded by NDIS and their families. “Sharing is caring”. As cliché as it might sound, this quote is vividly embedded in my mind ever since my parents educated me on the importance of sharing. I educate them on the correct way to use medical aids or equipment. In addition, I share about how to adapt their diet for their current condition and other enquiries. In order to deliver high-quality Home Nursing services, I reach out to uCare iCare’s friendly team. They are so keen on lending me a helping hand. uCare iCare supports me with upcoming changes according to participants’ requirements. This action can ensure the patients under my care get the most out of their NDIS plan. This person-centred NDIS Home Care will enhance their wellness as a whole.

The Pleasure of Progress with Mrs Y

Mrs Y, who received nursing care under the NDIS funding, was recently healed from her surgery yesterday. I would like to take this opportunity to express my happiness for her and share the inside scoop on my time with Mrs Y. She is a previous participant of uCare iCare. Mrs Y had surgery on her left knee and was never a fan of going to a nursing home. However, due to her diabetic complications, Mrs Y needed our help to ensure she can go through the healing process in her home with her husband. She wished to receive NDIS Home Care four times a week to help with her surgical wound.

Shortly after coming home with a wound-treatment plan at hand, Mrs Y’s infected surgery wound due to her diabetes make her feel uncomfortable. uCare iCare and I step in to ensure Mrs Y is in an optimum environment that supports and nurtures her overall health via Home Nursing service. I explained in detail the dressing change and medications for Mrs Y and her closed ones. Likewise, I educated her sister, who will be visiting on the weekends and her husband, whom she shares a home with on the daily injections. These injections are vital and effective in stopping surgical wound infection from spreading.

uCare iCare Comes at the Right Time

Throughout my three months with Mrs Y, she found herself in need of round-the-clock Home Nursing service at times when she was feeling uncomfortable. She expressed that she is fortunate to be able to receive NDIS Home Care that would offer flexibility according to her temporary disability. Additionally, Mrs Y was in need of encouragement as she was afraid her diabetes might affect her wound badly, and in succession, she might lose her ability to walk permanently. I am glad that I was there for her at the time when she needed the positive reassurance the most. And with that, Mrs Y regained her confidence throughout her healing period.

*Remark: We disclose the story with consent and approval from Mr Y. The name has been changed to protect the family’s privacy.

The Best throughout My Career Journey

This profession at uCare iCare provides a platform for me to continue my lifelong learning journey as a community nurse in Victoria. My daily tasks have definitely empowered me and enhanced my nursing skills in a person-centred environment. Moreover, I have the opportunity to witness participants who receive a particular Home Nursing service rise up from their challenges and disabilities. It is indeed an inspiring and rewarding career for me.

What’s more, I get to work at Mill Park which is relatively close to home and allows me to be flexible with my working hours. As a matter of fact, the work-life balance that I have whilst having a dream job and time together with family really make my life whole. In addition, I adored being in a company that values me as I value it. It has led me to cultivate and hone both my hard and soft skills. I am truly thrilled to see what will come next!

Life Comes with Ups and Downs

There are definitely some challenging days in the course of providing NDIS Home Care or Home Nursing services. One of my career challenges is dealing with NDIS-funded participants who refuse the treatments. At this instance, I look for the underlying causes of their rejections and seek the reasons why they may be overly critical or mean. I connect with them on a human level and in a calm manner, making sure they can sense that I want to help them genuinely. These reassurances enhance their trust and confidence in me to help them with their needs.

For example, some participants from uCare iCare with sudden changes in behaviours just wanted to know that they are in need of extra attention. They wanted to make sure they were not going to be ignored. Also, some participants might experience irritability and mood swings from the side effects of their medication. Patience is key in these situations as patients might not feel their best selves when the side effects creep in. I set aside my built-up frustration due to being unable to serve them whilst finding ways to touch their hearts with my nurturing care.

Finding the Right Community Nurse for You at uCare iCare

When it comes to delivering attentive nursing care, we believe that everyone is unique in their own way, so are their individual’s needs. Over the past few years, we pride ourselves in delivering Home Nursing services that is essential among NDIS participants who are:

  • Needing to stay healthy and avoid complications caused by their disabilities
  • Lacking connections or communication
  • Requiring behaviour support
  • Necessitating complex medical needs or procedures

Rest assured that we are with you every step of the way until you find the most suitable community nurse who adds value to your life goals. Get in touch with us to find out more about NDIS Home Care and verify whether our community nurses can help with your specific needs not mentioned above. Our experienced community nurses at uCare iCare have the capabilities to support participants under the NDIS funding when it comes to:

  • Continence Management & Assessments
  • Catheter Care, Changes, & Management
  • Pressure Care & Wound Management
  • Complex Disability Care (PEG, Ventilator, & Bowel Care)
  • Diabetes Management (including Insulin Administration)
  • Managing Medication, and so much more.

As a leading NDIS service provider of NDIS in the Northern suburbs, our approach in Home Nursing service is directed by you. Hence, we can ensure your needs are met as a whole, not just one part. Moreover, we want our participants to embrace all challenges and live the best life with individualised support from our community nurses via our high-quality Home Nursing service.

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